Trust Fall

Trust Fall

“Trust Fall”

Like most of the images that I make, this was birthed during one of my very frequent daydreaming episodes.

I was thinking about absolutely nothing and then all of a sudden, I began thinking about how in this life that we live, we oft times find ourselves in situations that we have absolutely NO control over. None whatsoever. And for many of us, this can be a nightmare. When we don’t have a handle on things, we get flustered, we feel helpless, trapped, confused, angry, depressed…and the list goes on. We don’t know what to do nor to whom we could turn.

Then I remembered this one event at an Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (I.V.C.F.) camp called Face to Face (F2F) that is held annually. So this year, one of the activities that we had to participate in was the Trust Fall. You know; you face one direction and you let yourself fall backwards into the arms of the person/s behind you, trusting them COMPLETELY to not allow you fall flat on the ground and potentially incur serious injury to yourself. Well even in that situation, there exists the possibility that you would be able to break your fall with your arms, mid-fall, if you chicken out…but in this activity at camp, we had to climb up a water tank (approximately 8 feet high) and then prepare to drop ourselves (into the arms of five or six persons waiting for you at the bottom)…with our hands tied in front of us…and blindfolded.

Say what??! Yeah. Talk about faith; your life was now LITERALLY in the hands of these individuals.

After mustering up the courage and taking that backwards leap of faith, you find yourself hanging in midair for what seems like an eternity, hoping and praying that you’ll make it…and then you find yourself in safe hands.

That got me thinking; this is EXACTLY what it feels like with God! When we are going through our hard times and don’t know where to go next, then we remember where our hope lies (yes, I know this ought to be our first option and not our last resource but if we’re honest, sometimes we really are THAT preoccupied that we forget Him) and, in our uncertainty, we choose to put it all in God’s hands, believing that what He said He would do, He is faithful and just to do it…trusting Him to take us through our storm. So we make the leap.


We start to question whether we should have jumped or if it would have been better to have tried to weather the storm on our own. But too late for that now. So here we are, in a freefall, not knowing what is going to happen.

Then He catches us.

Know this: God will N-E-V-E-R leave you, neither will He ever forsake you. (Deuteronomy 31:6 – “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”)

He has promised to be with you ALL THE WAY! I don’t know about you, but for me, that is so amazing! 😀

So in closing, don’t be afraid to attempt the Trust Fall with God. He has the surest hands you will ever find.  He is always there and always right on time 😉

P.S. If you’ve never heard this song, or even if you already have, I hope this blesses your heart 🙂

Royal Tailor – “Freefall”